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Mr. Jai Narain , IPoS ,Postman

Department Name Department of Posts
Office Address Naraina Industrial Estate Head Post office
Anubhav Details

Name: Jai Narain
Designation: Postman
Ministry/Department Department of Posts
Appointment 1978
Date of Retirement 31.3.2015
Commendable Work
I am working as postman in Naraina Industrial Estate HO since 1982 and I have served in many beats of the area.
2. I have always enjoyed working as Postman and I personally very satisfied that this Department given me an opportunity, where I am the most known face and people can relate post office with my service.
3. My khaki uniform always given me a sense of pride. Few years back when the colour of the uniform was changed to blue, I lost the sense of being postman in those days. If I am wearing khaki dress, it is always considered that person belong to some government department. Hence I am very thankful to the authorities who brought back the pride of wearing khaki uniform.
4. Further, I would like to share when our SSPO called me few months back and informed that he was sending my nomination for best postman of Speed Post Delivery. I have never worked for any prize, but when SSPO informed me I could not believe that Department can recognize my services. Finally, I was selected for the award and I was thrilled with joy. I informed my wife, who is suffering for many years as both of her heart valves does not function.
5. On the year 2005, when it was a life time experience for me to meet then President of India i.e. Dr. Abdul Kalam Azad along with 300 other postmen from all over India. He shared his experience of childhood days that he used to wait for money order which his father send in Kerala. I personally asked if the P.O would be privatised. He replied never. This experience given me a confidence to work with more sincerity and devotion.
6. I would like to share that in my entire career of 35 years as postman, there has not been any complaint against me. I have always tried to be punctual all the time and maintained very healthy relations with residents of the area. I know many of them, but Anil Malik and Vijay Goyal are two, worth mentioning. I have no relation with them. But whenever I go to them they never allow me to come back without a cup of tea. It has been possible to share such healthy relationship with residents for two basic reasons-firstly, I am always in uniform and secondly, I am not rigid in delivering mails to the customers. Whatever instructions they give I deliver the mails according to their instructions.
7. I am feeling very proud that I would be retiring from the Department with unblemished service in my entire career.
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