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Mr. Natarajan A , IRSSE ,Senior Section Engineer/signal/hq

Department Name Ministry of Railways
Office Address Chief Signal and Telecommunication Engineer, Southern Railway, Chennai 600003
Anubhav Details

During my tenure as Instructor/Model Room at ZRTI/TPJ, carried out new model stations work (18 Nos.,) by designing with simplified circuits with cost effective which was appreciated by one & all from Railway Board officials and was awarded by GM/Southern Railway.

Rail Museum with antique value was set up at ZRTI/TPJ by collecting various signalling & traffic materials from all over Southern Railway used in pre independence era and of evolution of Railway under the guidance of Principal/ZRTI/TPJ and was given special award by AGM/Southern Railway.

While working at HQ/Southern Railway in punctuality control, signal failures were brought down at all divisions by critically analysing with suitable remedial solutions along with HQ Officers, thereby reducing the Train loss punctuality in Southern Railway on S&T failures.

Due to my sincere and dedicated service during my 25 years of service in Railway, I have been awarded and appreciated 32 times by GM, AGM & HODs of various departments.
Category Administration, Good Governance, Simplification of procedures

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