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Government of India
कार्मिक मंत्रालय, लोक शिकायत और पेंशन
Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievance & Pensions
पेंशन और पेंशनभोगी कल्याण विभाग
Department of Pension & Pensioners' Welfare
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पेंशनर्स पोर्टल

Pensioners' Portal

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Downloads: Application/Claim Forms

1. Form for Permission to Central Services Officers to accept commercial employment within a period of one year after retirement  - Form 1.
2. Form for Processing requests of pensioners for permission to accept commercial employment after retirement - Form 2.
3. Form For Intimation regarding marriage/birth of a child after retirement - Form 5.
4. Form for Application for Particulars to be obtained by the Head of Office from the retiring/retired Government Servant - Form 6.
5. Form of Application by a Government servant/pensioner or his/her spouse for including /co-authorisation of names of permanently disabled child/dependent parents/disabled sibling as family pensioner in the Pension Payment Order - Form 8.
6. Form for Application for the Grant of Gratuity in respect of a deceased/missing Government Servant- Form 9.
7. Form for Application to the Head of Office for Family Pension on Death of a Government Servant or Pensioner or on Death or Ineligibility of a Family Pensioner or when a Government Servant or Pensioner or Family Pensioner goes missing - Form 10.
8. Form of Application to be submitted to Pension Disbursing Authority by spouse/co-authorised family member for commencement of family pension on death of a pensioner or family pensioner - Form 12.
9. Form of Application for the Grant of Residuary Gratuity on the Death of a Pensioner - Form 13.
10. Form of Application for disability pension under CCS (Extraordinary Pension) Rules - Form A.
11. Form of application for family pension under CCS (Extraordinary Pension) Rules - Form B.
12. Form of Application for switch over of    pension payment through authorised Bank.
13. Form of application for CGHS Card for Pensioners
14. Form of application for revision of family pension as on 1.1.96.
1. Form for obtaining particulars by the Head of Office  from retiring goverment servant eight months before the date of his/her retirement  - Form 5.
2. Form of application for the grant of death gratuity on the death of a Government servant - Form 12.
3. Form of application for the grant of family pension on the death of Government servant/ pensioner/ family pensioner - Form 14.
4. Form of application for the grant of residuary gratuity on the death of a pensioner - Form 22.
5. Form of application for permission to Central Services officers to accept commercial employment with in a period of one year after retirement - Form 25.(Form 25 is under revision)
6. Form of application for endorsement of particulars of spouse from post-retiral marriage and children born after retirement in the PPO