Pension Process Map and Time Frame for those who are retiring on Superannuation

#S.No Process Authority Concerned Timeframe Applicable Rule CCS Pension Rules
1 Preparation of list of employees who are due to retire within 12 to 15 months Head of Department 1stJanuary,1stApril ,1stJuly and 1stOctober each year 56(1)
2 Communication of the list to the Accounts Officer Concerned Head of Department, Head of Office

31stJanuary, 30thApril, 31stJuly and 31stOctober each year. In case of Government servants retiring for reasons other than immediately as soon as the fact comes to notice


In the case of a Government servant retiring for reasons other than by way of superannuation, the Head of Office shall promptly inform the Accounts Officer concerned, as soon as the fact of such retirement becomes known to him

3 Communication of the list to the Directorate of Estates in respect of employees having General Pool Accommodation with a view to obtain 'No Demand Certificate' Head of Office 12 months before retirement 56(4)
4 Verification and determination of qualifying service, and if necessary, in consultation with the employee; and determination of average emoluments Head of Office 12 months before the retirement. The process to complete before eight months from the retirement 59(a) & (b)
5 Communication of facts to the retiring employees for action by the employees Head of Office 8 months before the retirement 59(c)
6 Submission of papers by the employee Employee 6 months before retirement 59(c)(iii)
7 Presentation of papers to pay and accounts office Head of Office 4 months before the retirement 61(4)
8 Checking the pension and gratuity admissible and forwarding the PPO to the pension paying authority Pay & Accounts Office 1 month before the retirement 65
9 Dispatch of PPO to CPAO Pay & Accounts Office On the last working day of the month preceding the month of retirement
10 (A) Dispatch of Bank half of the PPO to CPPC of Authorized Bank CPAO By 20th of the month of retirement
10 (B) Handing over of pensioners half of the PPO to the retiring employee Head of Office Date of retirement
11 Completion of all formalities and crediting the pension to the pensioner's account CPPC/Paying Branch Last date of the month

Note: For cases of retirement other than on superannuation, it is provided that PPO shall be issued within six months of submission of duly completed Form 5 or the date of retirement whichever is later.