Grant of Permission for Commercial Employment after Retirement

The following guidelines outline the procedure for grant of permission for commercial employment after retirement.

Rule 10 of the CCS (Pension ) Rules.1972, requires that every retired Group ‘A’ Officer should take the permission of the Government before he accepts any commercial employment within one year of his retirement.

The pensioner desirous of accepting post-retirement commercial employment should seek permission by submitting his Form 25 to the concerned authority.

With a view to ensuring expeditious consideration of such requests from retired officers for taking up post-retirement commercial employment, Ministries/Departments may initiate examination of such requests at the level of SO/DO.

After examination by SO/DO, the case should be submitted direct to the joint Secretary, who, in turn, will submit the case direct to the Minister-in-charge of the Ministry/Department for his orders.

Where the application is received by Heads of Field office(s) for onward transmissions to a Ministry/Department, the consideration of the case should start at the level of the Supervisory Officer-in-charge of the Section dealing with such requests.

The Administrative Ministry/Department should maintain a check-list as in Annexure-I in regard to cases processed by it in order to ensure that all aspects relating to the case have received proper attention. Ministries/Departments should also maintain a register in the form given in Annexure-II to monitor the progress of cases relating to post-retirement commercial employment.

Before the case is submitted to the Minister-in-charge for orders, it may be ensured by the Administrative Ministry /Department that the integrity of the retired officer when he was in service is certified.

It is imperative that final decisions on requests of retired officers to take up commercial employment are taken at the appropriate level.

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