Procedure for Payment of Pension to NRI Pensioners

The Authorised Bank(AB) may credit the pension amount of non-resident to a non-resident (ordinary) account opened/maintained as per provision of the Exchange Control. The amount of pension of a pensioner who has become non-resident may be credited to the said account after ensuring the personal identification and other requirements as stipulated under the Scheme (Para 12).

In case of the existing accounts, the pensioner should intimate the fact that he has become non-resident Indian, to the pension paying branch in India and on receipt of the same the paying branch in India should convert the account of the pensioner to Non-resident Ordinary (NRO) Account.

The pensioner has to furnish the life certificate issued by an authorised official of the Embassy/High Commission of India or Consul of Indian Consulates or a Notary Public or an Officer of an Indian Authorised Bank attached to its branch in the country where the pensioner is residing, once in a year, in November.

The pensioner has to furnish other certificate viz. non-employment/re-employment certificate, Re-marriage/Marriage certificate as prescribed in the pension scheme (Annexures XVIII & XXVI.)

The paying branches will credit the amount of pension due every month to the Non-resident Ordinary Account of the pensioner.

Withdrawals from the Non-Resident Ordinary Accounts will be governed by the instructions contained in the Exchange Control Manual and the paying branch should allow the withdrawal accordingly.

Pension credited to the Pensioner’s Non-Resident (Ordinary) Account may be remitted by the bank to the Pensioners outside India, in case the Non-Resident Pensioner so desires, by debit to his NR (O) Accounts either by remittance or by credit to his NR (E) Accounts.

The paying branch should return PPOs of such Non-Resident Indian pensioners who are drawing pension from them and are unable to furnish the prescribed life certificate to the pension sanctioning authority for arranging future payments to them.

The change in the citizenship by any Non-Resident Indian pensioner will not affect his entitlement to the pension.