Procedure for Grant of Compassionate Allowance

In order to avoid delay in the payment of Compassionate Allowance, the following procedure should be adopted in cases relating to officers removed from service :-

On receipt of the orders of the Competent Authority removing an officer from service for misconduct, insolvency or inefficiency, the Head of the Office, if he proposes to recommend the grant of a Compassionate Allowance, should fill in the application for pension and send it to the Accounts Officer Concerned for report on the title to pension. The Head of the Office should not wait for an application from the officer.

If the Competent authority while issuing orders of removal states that a certain proportion of the compensation pension is to be granted as compassionate allowance, no further sanction to pension is necessary, and all that is required is that, the Accounts Officer should certify to the admissibility of the pension on a pension application completed and signed by the Head of the Office as provided in (1) above.

Related Circulars

G.I., F.D., No. f. 3-X-R. II/34,dated the 3rd May, 1934.