Procedure for Endorsement of Family Pension Entitlement of Post-Retiral Spouses in the PPO

  1. As and when a pensioner marries or re-marries after retirement, he shall intimate the event to the Head of Office who processed his pension papers at the time of his retirement. He shall also furnish along with his application an attested copy of the marriage in respect of his post-retirement marriage.
  2. The Head of Office on receipt of the application mentioned above and after due verification where necessary, forward the papers to the concerned Pay & Accounts Officer for issue of corrigendum PPO. While forwarding the papers to the Pay & Account Officer, the provisions of Clause (b) of sub-rule (7) of Rule 54 of the CCS (Pension) Rules, 1972, shall be kept in mind. When the pensioner does not have any child or children from his previous marriage, if any, the post-retiral spouse shall be eligible for full family pension. Where the pensioner has any eligible child or children from another wife who is not alive, the family pension to the post-retiral spouse and the child/children from the previous marriage will be authorized in terms of clause (b) of sub-rule (7) of Rule 54 ibid.
  3. The corrigendum PPO shall be forwarded by the Pay & Accounts Officer to the concerned Pension Disbursing Authority through the Central Pension Accounting Office. A copy of the corrigendum PPO shall also be endorsed to the pensioner.
  4. As far as children, including those born after retirement, are concerned, a fresh PPO will be issued as and when the turn of each child for receipt of family pension is reached as at present.