Procedure for the Refund of Excess Recovery of Licence Fee to Retired Government Servants

In order to ensure that the amounts of over payments written off on the ground of Government servant being no longer in service are set off against any sums which are subsequently found due, it has been decided that the following procedure be adopted in regard to refund of excess recovery, if any, of licence fee to retired Government servants :

(i) Non-Gazetted Government servants :

Refund of amount is normally made only through the office under whom the Government servant concerned served last, and the Head of the Office concerned should ensure that overpayments, if any, already written off are set off against such refunds.

(ii) Gazetted Government servants :

In the case of refund of excess licence fee recovered form a retired Gazetted Government servant, the Directorate of Estates would obtain a certificate from the Head of the Department /Office under whom he served last to the effect that no claim due from him had been written off on account of his being no more in Government service which could be adjusted against the amount applied for. The Ministry will also maintain appropriate indexed record to this effect.

Related Circular

G.I., M.F., O.M. No. 18 (9)-E. II (A)/59, dated the 14th May, 1960.