Procedure for Medical Examination

  1. The medical authority shall :

    • obtain from the applicant a statement in Part-I of Form 4, duly signed by the applicant in its presence
    • subject the applicant to medical examination and enter the result thereof in Part-II of Form 4
    • attest the unattested copy of the photograph of the applicant
    • complete the certificate contained in Part-II of Form 4

    Provided that where :-

    1. an applicant has been granted invalid pension, or
    2. an applicant has previously commuted a part of his pension, or
    3. an applicant has been refused commutation on medical grounds, or
    4. an applicant had declined to accept the commutation on the basis of addition of years to his actual age, the medical authority shall, before completing the certificate contained in Part-III of Form 4, take into consideration the statement of the medical case of the applicant
  2. After complying with the requirements of sub-rule (1), the medical authority shall without delay forward to the Accounts Officer who has already completed Part-IV of Form 2, the following documents, namely :—

    1. Form 2 in original,
    2. Attested copy of the applicant’s photograph
    3. Form 4 in original, and
    4. A certified copy of Form 4 to the Head of Office who has countersigned Part-IV of Form 2
  3. The medical authority shall also send to the applicant a certified copy of Part-II of Form 4