Procedure for Grant of Extraordinary Pension*

  1. When a claim for any disability pension or family pension arises, the Head of the Office or the Department in which the injured or the deceased Government servant was employed will forward the claim through the usual channel to the Government of India with the following documents :-

    1. A full statement of circumstances in which the injury was received, the disease was contracted or the death occurred.
    2. The application for disability pension in Form 'A' or as the case may be, the application for family pension in Form 'B' of the Forms set forth in SCHEDULE IV.
    3. In the case of an injury of Government servant or one who has contracted a disease a medical report in Form 'C' of the Forms set forth in SCHEDULE IV. In the case of a deceased Government servant a medical report as to the death or reliable evidence as to the actual occurrence of death, if the Government servant lost his life in such circumstances that a medical report cannot be secured.
    4. A report of the Accounts Officer concerned as to whether an award is admissible under the rules and, if so, of what amount.

    Where the Government are satisfied on the evidence placed before them by a Government servant in respect of whom a medical report for the purpose of grant of disability or other extraordinary pension has been received by them, of the possibility of an error of judgement in the decision of the Medical Board which examined him, the Government may direct a second Medical Board consisting of members other than those who constituted the first Medical Board to examine the officer and submit a report to the Government in the matter ; pension shall be granted to the officer in accordance with the decision of the second Medical Board.

* In respect of matters of procedure, all awards under CCS (Extraordinary Pension) Rules are subject to any procedure rules relating to ordinary pension for the time being in force, to the extent that such procedure/rules are applicable and are not inconsistent with these rules.