Procedure for Obtaining a Duplicate PPO in the Event of Loss of/Damage to PPO

If both the halves of a PPO are reported to have been lost in transit due to floods etc. before commencement of payment of pension, the paying Branch to which the matter is reported, will address the concerned Pay & Accounts Office through the usual channel i.e. Link Branch, CPAO etc. requesting for issue of a duplicate PPO in favour of the concerned pensioner in terms of the provisions of relevant rule(s) in force. Before initiating action in this behalf the paying Branch will however, verify from the register of payment of pensions that no payment has already been made to the pensioner and confirm this fact to the PAO while writing for a duplicate PPO. The paying Branch will also take the following further action before commencing payment in such cases on receipt of duplicate PPOs.

  • The fact that no payment is to be made against the Original PPO will be prominently mentioned in the ‘Remarks’ column of the Register of Payments of Pension while noting therein the particulars of the duplicate PPO.
  • A declaration from the pensioner to the effect the he has not already received any payment against the Original PPO; and also an undertaking from him to the effect the he will surrender to the paying branch the Original PPO, if traced out later, and not claim any payment on its strength will be obtained from the pensioner and kept on their record.
  • It will ensure that no payment has been made to the pensioner on the basis of original PPO during the period following the report made to the PAO as regards its reported loss.

In cases in which pensioner’s potion of the PPO is lost, worn or torn and it is sought to be renewed, the paying Branch will forward the request of the pensioner, along with both halves/disburser’s half of the PPO to the CPAO through the Link Branch for renewal in terms of the provisions of rules 331-332 of CTRs in force. In order that payment of pension is not unnecessarily delayed in such cases in the absence of disburser’s portion of the PPO, care may be taken to send the connected documents to the CPAO immediately after payment for a month is made, so as to leave sufficient time with the CPAO to do the needful and return the documents by the time payment for the next month becomes due. The CPAO will also be reminded by the paying Branch in cases where the return of the documents is unduly delayed.

In case where disburser’s portion of PPO is lost by the Paying Branch of the bank, the Paying Branch will report the matter to the concerned Pay & Accounts Office through the usual channel, i.e. Link Branch, CPAO requesting for issue of duplicate disburser’s portion of PPO. For this purpose, the Paying Branch will forward the photocopy of the pensioner’s portion of PPO duly attested by the Bank Manager and certificate indicating the month up to which the payment has been made to the pensioner, CPAO will send this information to the concerned PAO for issue of duplicate Disburser’s portion of PPO.